press review

Press review

Mecat 5 srl has been present on the market for more than twenty years thanks to the invaluable contribution of his owner, Mr Mirabella, who has achieved his experience working for forty years in the field of design and construction of special machines. Between 1967 and 1990 Mr Mirabella worked for an important world leader multinational specialized in this field. This has given him the opportunity to become involved with foreign markets and he has been living and working overseas for a few years thus becoming an important supplier for Mecat 5 srl.

The company has strenghtned its identity and has established itself in the engineering industry boasting a list of national and international clients and a collaboration with the Politecnico of Torino.

Mecat 5 srl. deals with the design and construction of machine tools, special machines,spindles, and it offers technical advice about:

  • design and building of machinery for the production of internal combustion engine valves.
  • grinder valves.
  • grinder for the tip of valves stem.
  • tape machine for valves after chromium plating.
  • machines to check the seal of valves.
  • production and assembling of the complete machineries and the system (electrical, compressed air and hydraulic) a turnkey project.
  • design and production of special high speed spindles for diverse kind of appliance, hydrostatic and high precision bearings (manufacturing included).production and assembling of groups of machines according to the drawings of our clients.

The company provides a warehouse of 3000 square meters where is located the workshop, an office area of 500 square meters, a service area of 250 square meters and a team of highly trained technicians and factory workers, who have been carefully selected.

With the evolving of market trends and having to face growing competitiveness, Mecat 5 srl has carried out several adaptations, according to safety and quality regulations, thus offering a continuos improvement and customer satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our staff will be at your disposal in order to solve your problems.